Updates 2009-09-15

Hey folks!

Mozilla released an update to Firefox, to version 3.5.3, a few days ago. This update includes primarily security fixes, including remote exploits. If you have Firefox installed, you are advised to update ASAP.
  Mozilla Firefox: Help > Check for Updates

Opera 10.0 is gold, and introduces a number of new stylization and cosmetic enhancements, as well as tools specifically designed for web developers. The’re still pushing the “Opera is all you need” stuff, though, so it will likely remain a “fringe” browser for at least the foreseeable future. That said, if you’re one of the very few actually using Opera, you should update to this most-current stable release:

Apple iTunes 9.0 was released over the weekend, shortly after Patch Tuesday, as Apple has become prone to doing with their cross-platform applications. This update provides a number of bug fixes, a new interface, integration of the WebKit engine (meaning that it’s essentially including a complete browser now – with all the security considerations that engenders), and now adds features like “watched folders” that have been a staple of competing products (like WinAMP and Windows Media Player) for at least a couple years. If you have iTunes *installed*, you need to install this update since it won’t be long before updates to previous versions are no longer provided or supported.
Or use the “Apple Updater” to get the most recent version:
  Start, (All) Programs, Apple Software Update
Check everything at the TOP, but leave the bottom options unchecked.

Quicktime 7.6.4 was released concurrently, including almost exclusively security updates. If you have Quicktime installed, you need this update ASAP. You can install it by using the Apple Updater:
  Start, (All) Programs, Apple Software Update
Check everything at the TOP, but leave the bottom options unchecked. Do not install iTunes now if you do not already have it installed! Likewise, don’t install Bonjour, Safari or any other applications if they appear in the bottom half of the window – if you don’t have it already, you probably don’t need it. Alternatively, you can download the installer here:
Only select the option to download “QuickTime … with iTunes” if you already have iTunes installed, otherwise select the option to download only “QuickTime …” UNCHECK the two boxes below “Sign-up”, then
click the “free download now” option WITHOUT entering your email address.

If you’re using the Apple Updater you’ll also find two other new update packages:
  iPhone Configuration Utility 2.1
  MobileMe Control Panel 1.5
These packages are both designed for people using iPhone/iPod devices with their computers. If you don’t have that type of device or use it with your computer, you do not need these updates. If you *are* using an iPhone/iPod with your computer, you’ll find that these options both significantly expand the computer-based configuration options for your device(s), and will be greatly worth the time to install and learn to use them. For example, multiple devices and device profiles are now supported so you can share your computer with your spouse, without worrying that she’ll mess up your iPhone playlist. 🙂

For you Mac people, there’s another 15+ stability, security, firmware and driver updates for OSX that you should obtain through Mac Update as well, released over the course of the last week. Check back often, as this seems to be an increasing trend during the last month since the Snow Leopard release.

Sun released VirtualBox over the weekend, including almost exclusively stability and automation improvements. When you install the update, don’t forget to update your Virtual Machine Additions! This update is only necessary if you’re using the VirtualBox system already:

Miranda IM 0.8.6 was released yesterday, including primarily stability fixes with various networking protocols. While not a security update, if you use Miranda IM as your instant messaging solution, this will probably reduce the number and severity of crashes and other frustrations:

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.41 was released yesterday as well, consisting primarily of performance improvements. If you have MBAM installed, this is an important update that will reduce the memory footprint as well as speed of scans & removals.

uTorrent 1.8.4 Build 16442 was released yesterday, fixing a crash with certain types of links. If you’re using uTorrent, this update will install through the automatic update feature, or you can get it here:

For you web people…

phpMyAdmin 3.2.2 was released over the weekend, including several bugfixes and one security update, focusing almost exclusively on export functionality.

That’s all for now folks. Keep it clean out there. 😉


Shawn K. Hall

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