On the Death of Picasa

Oops, Google did it again.

Google "Mic Drop": How not to end a conversation

Google “Mic Drop”: How not to end a conversation

In keeping with Google’s hilarious business-killing “Mic Drop” April Fool’s Day joke, they have demonstrated their defective logic once more.

Google has a very simple, yet consistent, annual process for spring cleaning. Perhaps they don’t plan it this way, but it is, nevertheless, the way it works. First, they find the apps their customer base absolutely love the most. Next, they kill it.

Google (or should I say, “Alphabet Inc”) is currently killing Picasa and replacing it with the web-based Google Photos service (formerly “Google+ Auto-Backup”), which requires you to store your photos in their cloud in order to operate. 🙁

Google: Moving on from Picasa

Obviously that won’t work out too well if you don’t have a reliable Internet connection. More than a third of Tuolumne County doesn’t even have Internet access at home, meaning they won’t be able to use the Google Photos service. The majority of those who do have Internet access have such abysmal speeds or bandwidth caps that doing so would be either impossible, or painful, to say the least.

Have you still got Picasa? It’ll never be updated again (among other things, this means no security fixes!), but it will continue to run. Looking for an alternative? Check out KritaFlickr (1TB free storage!) and FastStone Image Viewer.

I would recommend you ask on Vark to find other alternatives, but Google killed it a few years ago. This was after Google killed Google Gears, and Google Wave, but before they killed iGoogle, Google Reader and Google Code. Let’s have a moment of silence, shall we?

I can’t help but wonder what the actual Alphabet would look like if Google (now Alphabet Inc) were in charge of it. Can you imagine?

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