Windows 10 Upgrade: T-minus-10

Time is running out!

Microsoft’s free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ends on the 29th. That’s only 10 days away.

If you want to install Windows 10 you need to get on the ball. I can either do it for you (recommended) which will ensure that all the security and privacy settings are set the way I recommend, or I can provide you with the installation media to install the upgrade yourself, which will make it possible to upgrade on a slower connection. If you opt to install it yourself, be aware that there will be roughly 1.5gb of updates necessary to install after the Windows 10 installation completes.

I only charge for the media ($5/dvd or $12/usb) if you plan to do it yourself, or you can bring your computer to me and I can extract the installer onto your computer at no charge.

I’m having a special right now for Windows 10 Upgrades. For $50 I’ll perform an abbreviated system diagnostics, install the Windows 10 upgrade, install Windows updates and all other necessary software updates (even for software other than Windows itself). I then tune Windows for privacy and security to reduce unnecessary exposure, improve your security and minimize bandwidth consumption (very important for slow connections). If I discover other issues (such as malware, failing hardware or licensing problems) then those could incur additional costs. I will, of course, contact you before doing anything that would incur additional costs.

This offer requires you to bring the computer to me for the upgrade. I have a very fast Internet connection, which makes the upgrade process very smooth, but it still takes between 4-6 hours for most computers. In order to perform an effective diagnostic, I prefer to have the computer overnight. If you’d rather I skip diagnostics, I can usually have it finished the same day.

Come see me at The Farmory in Columbia, or call me at 209-565-1273, anytime.

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