Updates 2019-11-14

Hi, Folks!

It’s not Patch Tuesday, but security updates from Adobe have triggered an out-of-cycle update.

Windows 10 v1909 is now available. Again, this version is minor compared to other Windows 10 upgrades and should be nearly indistinguishable from 1903 so should have no negative impact. However, there is nothing so critically important in 1909 that the update can’t wait a month. Wait for it.

The typical computer should see approximately 300 MB of updates. Let’s get started.

Adobe Flash Player is a security update.
Win: https://12pd.com/click?flash
Win: https://12pd.com/click?flashie
Mac: https://12pd.com/click?flashmac

Don’t forget to check your mobile devices, too! Many updates will also apply to your tablet, phone, kindle or television – so check your device-appropriate App Store and install updates.

Important Notes

Everything above this section should be checked by everyone on every computer. Chances are good that close to every single computer you touch will be affected by those updates. This is not the case with the items below, though you should still check each line item below to see if it applies to software you have installed.

Please remember that while I list many different applications within these updates, most people should ONLY install updates for a program if they already have a previous version of that program installed.

It is essential to maintain all the applications you have installed on your computer, but often you can minimize the time investment and the potential for exploitation simply by uninstalling software you do not need.

Also note that using the applications own “check for updates” function, when available, will best preserve your current settings, and often avoid any crapware that might come with a fresh installer. Use this option if it’s available to you.

Finally, if you’re sick of doing this all yourself, let me! Call or email me any time, and we can set you up with subscription SaferPC updates which will be installed each month whenever necessary. Click, call or email for more details:

Driver Updates

If you’re using this hardware – these updates are for you.

Intel Driver and Support Assistant 19.11.46 improves compatibility and resolves several bugs. This is not a security update.

Office Updates

One or more of these are likely to be of interest to most people.

Adobe Reader DC 19.021.20056 resolves several significant stability bugs. This should be treated as a security update. Use Help, Check for Updates to get the most current version.

Converter Updates

These are unlikely to be of interest to most people.

DVDFab adds support for new encodings, improves UI and resolves a crash bug. This is not a security update.

Utility Updates

These are unlikely to be of interest to most people.

Carbonite 6.3.5 resolves OneDrive compatibility issues. This is not a security update.

Web Package Updates

These are likely to be of interest only to web developers.

Adminer 4.7.5 resolves several bugs. This is not a security update.

Drupal 8.6.18 updates libraries. While this is not a security update, it should be treated as one. Also, be aware that Drupal 8.6 will be End-Of-Life in less than three weeks, so be prepared to install 8.8 on December 4th or 5th.

Postie 1.9.40 improves compatibility, adds self-diagnostics, and resolves several bugs.

W3 Total Cache 0.10.2 resolves a WordPress compatibility bug. This is not a security update.

That’s all for now folks. Keep it clean out there. 😉


Shawn K. Hall

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