What is SaferPC?

Hi, I’m Shawn. 🙂

I’ve been in the IT industry, specifically within the security field, for over 25 years. I’ll just get straight to the point: I’m here to help you keep your computer and other technical devices secure. Years ago it was quite easy to simply turn on a computer and have at least some expectation of privacy and stability. These days, not so much.

People compromise their own privacy through every social network (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and others), and with the advent of malware profiteering (thanks Tom!), security today isn’t as much preventing people from getting infected with a “damaging” virus as it is ensuring that they can have a stable and enjoyable experience on their computers – without being exploited by scareware (malware designed to scare you into buying it), worms (such as the all-too-common Facebook or Twitter link/comment that reposts itself to all of your friends as soon as it infects you – often with the additional “benefit” of scareware), crapware (software that provides no actual benefit, but itself is not necessarily “harmful”), ransomware (malware that encrypts your content and demands a ransom to be paid before giving you back access to your files and data) and others. With the number of people abandoning their computers entirely, opting to use their phones, tablets, or other advanced devices as their “window to the Internet,” less and less privacy is maintained.

Each time a computer is infected with another type or variant of these malware, it becomes slower, less reliable, and often, exposes potentially sensitive information to either the attacker or the entire world. It is not uncommon to work on a device that has over 50 (yes, fifty!) different types of malware on it, and often several different antivirus programs as well.

No doubt you’ve heard the adage, the best defense is a good offense. I agree. Nobody else is going to maintain your computer for you, and when they try, they are often decried for wasting your time or changing your computer without your consent – so it is up to you to take pro-active action to secure and maintain your computer.

This site provides regular update notifications for many common applications in use today, configuration advice, and when updates are not available, advice on how to avoid infection through either a different application, setting, or behavior. Control what you can, avoid what you can’t.

I am available for technical assistance, including software update installation, malware removal and other technical services, both locally to the Mother Lode area (including Sonora, Twain Harte, Jamestown, Strawberry and points beyond), as well as through the Internet around the world. Locally, I provide both on-site and drop-off service for your convenience. Call today (209) 565-12PD to schedule an appointment. Don’t let a virus get you down!

Shawn K. Hall

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