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Security Advisories

The following security advisory listing, courtesy of Symantec, includes links to the last 50 significant public security disclosures. Each of these advisories serves as a gentle reminder that every application, regardless of vendor or market-share, has the potential to have security vulnerabilities publicly available in a moments notice. No doubt many of these vulnerabilities are already being exploited in the wild.

Be sure to take the time to review all the applications you have on your computer regularly for updates. This is far beyond the operating system and whatever browser and word-processing software you use; serious vulnerabilities within something as obscure as your media player or even your antivirus program could open you up to compromise at any time.

Security Advisories
1Microsoft Windows CVE-2018-8210 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
2Microsoft Windows Kernel CVE-2018-0982 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
3Microsoft Jet Database Engine CVE-2018-1003 Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
4Microsoft Windows CVE-2018-8136 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
5Microsoft Windows CVE-2018-8213 Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability
6Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine CVE-2018-8267 Remote Memory Corr...
7Microsoft Chakra Scripting Engine CVE-2018-8229 Remote Memory Corruption Vuln...
8Microsoft Chakra Scripting Engine CVE-2018-8227 Remote Memory Corruption Vuln...
9Microsoft ChakraCore Scripting Engine CVE-2018-8243 Remote Memory Corruption ...
10Microsoft Windows Hyper-V CVE-2018-8218 Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
11Microsoft Windows GDI Component CVE-2018-8239 Information Disclosure Vulnerab...
12Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2018-0978 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
13Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2018-8249 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
14Microsoft Windows DNSAPI CVE-2018-8225 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
15Microsoft Windows Desktop Bridge CVE-2018-8208 Local Privilege Escalation Vul...
16Microsoft Windows Code Integrity Module CVE-2018-1040 Denial of Service Vulne...
17Microsoft Windows Kernel CVE-2018-8224 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
18Microsoft Windows Kernel CVE-2018-8207 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerabi...
19Microsoft Internet Explorer CVE-2018-8113 Security Bypass Vulnerability
20Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-8235 Security Bypass Vulnerability
21Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8221 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
22Microsoft Windows Desktop Bridge CVE-2018-8214 Local Privilege Escalation Vul...
23Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8217 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
24Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8216 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
25Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-8234 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
26Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8215 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
27Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8201 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
28Microsoft Windows Wireless Network Profile CVE-2018-8209 Local Information Di...
29Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8212 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
30Microsoft Windows Device Guard CVE-2018-8211 Local Security Bypass Vulnerability
31Microsoft SharePoint Server CVE-2018-8254 Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnera...
32Microsoft SharePoint Server CVE-2018-8252 Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnera...
33Microsoft Excel CVE-2018-8248 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
34Microsoft Office CVE-2018-8247 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
35Microsoft Excel CVE-2018-8246 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
36Microsoft Office CVE-2018-8245 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
37Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-0871 Information Disclosure Vulnerability
38Microsoft Outlook CVE-2018-8244 Remote Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
39Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-8236 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
40Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-8111 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
41Microsoft Edge CVE-2018-8110 Remote Memory Corruption Vulnerability
42Microsoft Windows Media Foundation CVE-2018-8251 Memory Corruption Vulnerability
43Microsoft Windows CVE-2018-8205 Local Denial of Service Vulnerability
44Microsoft Windows HTTP.sys CVE-2018-8231 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
45Microsoft Windows Kernel Win32k.sys CVE-2018-8233 Local Privilege Escalatio...
46Microsoft Windows HTTP.sys CVE-2018-8226 Denial of Service Vulnerability
47Microsoft Windows NTFS CVE-2018-1036 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
48Microsoft Windows WebDAV CVE-2018-8175 Denial of Service Vulnerability
49Microsoft Windows HIDParser CVE-2018-8169 Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerab...
50Microsoft Windows Kernel CVE-2018-8121 Local Information Disclosure Vulnerabi...
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