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Secret Service to Provide Data to Verizon Business for Upcoming Report on Data Breaches | WHIR Web Hosting Industry News"
May 6, 2010

To better understand security breaches and how they can be prevented, global IT services provider Verizon is joining forces with the US Secret Service on this year's Data Breach Investigations Report to include computer crime cases investigated by the Sec

According to Verizon's Thursday announcement, the 2010 DBIR, to be released this summer, will feature aggregated findings from Verizon's own caseload as well as hundreds of computer crime cases investigated by the Secret Service. This first-of-its-kind collaboration will give Verizon security researchers a unique perspective on data breaches, including what happens after a breach to identify suspects, make arrests, and extradite foreign nationals, and how cybercriminals are prosecuted. "Verizon is significantly broadening the scope of the 2010 DBIR to gain new insight into how data breaches occur, especially in the consumer sector," Verizon Business technology and innovation vice president Peter Tippett said in a statement. "With a greatly expanded dataset, this year's report will give a more accurate picture of data breaches around the globe while delving into new areas in an effort to better arm organizations worldwide in the fight against cybercrime." In cooperation with Verizon, the Secret Service is using the open-source Verizon Incident Sharing, or VERIS, framework. Verizon used this framework to describe security incidents to classify and analyze its 2009 breaches. This year, the company started using it to publicly collect, analyze, and share security incident data for its data breach investigations reports. Enabling Verizon security researchers to compare the Secret Service's caseload data with Verizon's historical dataset, the VERIS framework is expected to provide a better understanding of how security breaches occur and what can be done to better manage risk. "Combating computer-related crimes targeting the US financial infrastructure is a top Secret Service priority," Secret Service investigations assistant director Michael Merritt said in a statement. "We are proud to partner with our colleagues in the private sector, academia and at all levels of government to better identify and prevent these insidious attacks."

Trustwave Launches the First Data Privacy Program
May 6, 2010

Security and compliance solutions firm Trustwave announced on Thursday it has launched what it calls the first-of-its-kind Data Privacy Program, which offers security services that help businesses protect their customers' personally identifiable informati

Protecting PII is increasingly important as security and identity theft issues continue to pervade the Internet. Along with this, many organizations must adhere to compliance mandates in different industries, while new data privacy legislation has broaden that scope to all businesses that receive, store or have access to PII. Data privacy laws already exist in 46 states and legislation designed to protect PII is currently pending on the federal level. Trustwave's Data Privacy Program is the first such data protection offering specifically designed to help organizations protect PII. "Our compliance engagements and forensic investigations reveal that many organizations do not know where sensitive data is stored within their environment," says Robert J. McCullen, chairman and CEO of Trustwave.

Fake Antivirus Programs on the Rise
April 28, 2010

There has been a rise in fake antivirus software finding its way across the Internet, as developers use new ways to trick unsuspecting users into installing the programs, according to a new report from Google, according to a report by PC World.

In a recent 13-month study, Google analyzed some 240 million Web pages where it eventually found that 11,000 of those domains were distributing fake antivirus software. These program were discovered to account for 15 percent of the malicious software on the Internet. While there are thousands of different kinds of these programs, the one commonality they all share is that they all attempt to dupe users into believing their computers have been infected with malware. The programs then try to convince users to purchase the fake antivirus software.

WHIPPS CROSS: Hospital hit by computer virus
This is Local London
by Daniel Binns
August 21, 2009

WHIPPS Cross University Hospital has been hit by a "crippling" computer virus, which has knocked out a large proportion of its IT system.

The fault, which first emerged last week, is still being cleared today by staff, but a Whipps spokeswoman said no patient care had been affected by the problem so far. One hospital patient, who did not wish to be named, told the Guardian they had been informed that the virus had "crippled" scores of computers and created havoc for staff.

Heartbleed First Attacks Identified
by Jill Scharr
April 15, 2014

The Canadian tax agency and a U.K. parenting website are the first confirmed instances of Heartbleed exploits, experts say.

It's Heartbleed's first blood: two cyber-break-ins have been identified. One attack was at the Canadian tax agency and the other at a U.K. parenting website, which were allegedly accomplished using the Heartbleed bug, a flaw in a type of online encryption. The two cases appear to be unrelated, but in both instances snoops seemingly used the now-infamous flaw in OpenSSL, an online encryption software, to access the sites' databases. In at least one of the breaches the hackers stole hundreds of users' personal information.

NSA Knew About Heartbleed, Did Nothing, Sources Say
by Jill Scharr
April 11, 2014

Did the NSA know about the Heartbleed bug for the past two years? Two anonymous sources told Bloomberg News the agency did.

Did the National Security Agency (NSA) know about the Heartbleed Internet security flaw for the past two years? That's what two anonymous sources told Bloomberg News reporter Michael Riley. The NSA not only said nothing about the serious bug that compromised the OpenSSL encryption library used by millions of websites, but it also used the bug to gather intelligence, Riley's sources told him. If the NSA did know about Heartbleed, it could have used the bug to get data from any Internet-facing server using a vulnerable version of OpenSSL since the flaw was accidentally implemented in January 2012. Such data would include usernames, passwords, encryption keys, search history, private messages and more.

MacBooks Run Slow Without Battery
by Marcus Yam and Amos Ngai
December 1, 2008

A new "Power Saving Feature" in the unibody MacBook and MacBook Pros was inadvertently discovered by Gearlog while they were doing a routine benchmark.

Gearlog was benchmarking was to test third party RAM modules for use in the new MacBook Pros, but discovered that the notebook's processing power significantly decreased after the battery was removed during the test. It was confirmed that Apple does indeed scale back the CPU processing speed while operating on AC power without a battery installed. According to this support document, Apple essentially down-clocks the CPU to prevent the system from shutting down if it happens to demand greater power than the AC adapter alone can provide...

UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too, ISPs Reveal
by Andy
July 26, 2013

This week prime minister David Cameron announced further details of his crusade to have adult material censored in the UK.

It's a controversial topic for a number of reasons, with even those unconcerned about losing access to porn wondering what will be censored next. Apparently the government have already thought that through. According to ISPs speaking with the Open Rights Group, the filter will target a range of other content too. stop-blockedOn Monday David Cameron told his citizens that by the end of the year broadband subscribers will be required to go through a compulsory system which will decide what they can and cannot see on the Internet. Starting from a position of 'porn banned', subscribers will have to systematically unblock things they require access to. This, Cameron says, will help prevent the nation's children from gaining access to "corroding influences" online.

Pirate Bay Founder to Launch NSA-proof Messenger App
July 10, 2013

Pirate Bay founder Peter Sunde is working on a new messaging platform that will be impossible to spy on, even by the people who operate the network.

Using end-to-end encryption in combination with a user-friendly interface, hopes to cater to the demands of millions of privacy-concerned Internet users. "In this day and age we can't do without encryption," Sunde tells TorrentFreak. Over the past month the PRISM scandal has dominated the news, with many people calling for stronger privacy protections as a result. While it may not come as a complete surprise that nearly all communication on the Internet is monitored and stored, the revelations have brought talks about encrypted communication to the mainstream.

Malware Extorts Cash From BitTorrent Users
April 11, 2010

A new type of malware is riding the wave of file-sharing pre-settlement letters by infecting BitTorrent users' machines and then demanding payments in order to make imaginary lawsuits go away. ICPP Foundation try to give the impression they are RIAA and M

ICCP Foundation claims to be an international company operating out of Switzerland. They say they are “committed to promoting the cultural and economic benefits of copyright” while assisting their partners to fight “copyright theft around the world”. In fact what they really do is operate a scam to extort money from BitTorrent users. Right at this moment we are unsure of the exact route of infection, but somehow malware (probably in either fake file or attached virus form) is displaying a “copyright violation alert” on the victim’s screen, locking it, and redirecting users to the ICPP site where they are told they have been caught infringing copyright.


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