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Security Incident Hits Automattic Affecting Users
by Siobhan Ambrose
April 13, 2011

Oh dear. Automattic has been hit by some hackers :( This isn't good news for users.

Matt has announced on the WordPress blog that there has been a low-level root break-in and that anything on the server could have been revealed. The guys at Automattic are working hard to determine what information has been stolen as well as resecuring the server.

WordPress Security 101: 8 Tips, Tricks and Tweaks to Secure Your WordPress Website
by Siobhan Ambrose
November 30, 2010

Do you use WordPress safely? Did you know that there are loads of ways that hackers can attack both your website and your computer using malware or malicious code?

In this post, we'll took an in-depth look at all of the issues, and hopefully by the end of it you'll be able to keep your WordPress website, and your computer, safe. But let's start with a fun look at some recent WordPress Security issues - guaranteed to brighten everyone's morning :)

Common WordPress Malware Infections
by Siobhan McKeown
October 9, 2012

Learn how to protect your site against four malware infections that are common to WordPress-powered websites.

WordPress security is serious business. Exploits of vulnerabilities in WordPress' architecture have led to mass compromises of servers through cross-site contamination. WordPress' extensibility increases its vulnerability; plugins and themes house flawed logic, loopholes, Easter eggs, backdoors and a slew of other issues. Firing up your computer to find that you're supporting a random cause or selling Viagra can be devastating.

Secrets of High-Traffic WordPress Blogs | Smashing WordPress
by Siobhan McKeown
September 12, 2012

Learn how the most popular sites use WordPress to handle huge volumes of traffic, massive database sizes, and other aspects of performance.

We all know that WordPress is awesome - but being awesome isn't always enough. Does it perform well under pressure? Can it deal with traffic from millions of visitors every month? There's no question that WordPress can be used for your or my blog, but what about multi-author blogs with thousands of comments? How do developers make it scale and perform? I spoke with the developers behind some of the biggest WordPress blogs on the planet and asked them to tell me their secrets. Now I get to share them with you.

WordPress Multisite: Practical Functions And Methods
by Kevin Leary
November 17, 2011

Since the beginning of the year, I've been developing themes and plugins for a WordPress Multisite-powered content network. During that time I've learned many powerful tips and tricks unique to Multisite.

This guide will introduce you to a few Multisite-specific functions, along with real-world programming examples that you can begin using today. Hopefully, it will open your eyes to a few of the new possibilities available in Multisite. Multisite is a great option for freelancers, businesses and organizations that manage multiple WordPress websites. Whether you're a freelancer who wants to provide hosting and maintenance to clients, a college organization looking to centralize the management of your websites, or a large news publisher trying to isolate silos for different departments, Multisite is the answer.

Homeland Security Approves Seizure of Cell Phones and Laptops within 100 Miles of Border; Report Remains Secret
July 4, 2013

Americans have no Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures if they happen to be within 100 miles of the border, according to the "Executive Summary" of a still-secret report by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

As the ACLU-created map above shows, nearly 2/3 of Americans (197 million people)-including the entire populations of Florida, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, DC, and Michigan-live in this "Constitution free" zone, as do the residents of the nation's five most populous cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and Philadelphia.

WordPress 3.3.2 (and WordPress 3.4 Beta 3)
by Andrew Nacin
April 20, 2012

WordPress 3.3.2 is available now and is a security update for all previous versions. Three external libraries included in WordPress received security updates...

Portable phpMyAdmin - Unsafe For WordPress Consumption
WordPress News at
by James Dunn
December 19, 2012

In June of 2011, my colleague Sarah Gooding wrote about a phpMyAdmin plugin that posed a HUGE security risk. Because of the security risk, this plugin was removed from the WordPress repository and it was recommended that everyone remove it.

Now, there's another dangerous plugin in the WordPress repository - Portable phpMyAdmin. How Dangerous Is This Plugin? VERY!! In fact, stop reading right now. Go to any websites where you have this installed, deactivate it, and delete it. If after reading this you want to reinstall it, the information will still be in the database, but you'll be protected in the meantime.

Improving Plugin Coding Standards in WordPress Plugins
WordPress News at
by Tom Ewer
October 26, 2012

If you're a plugin developer, you may benefit from these coding standards resources!

If you are a regular WPMU reader you may have read my rant on plugin usability back in May. Whist I am no developer, I think it is safe to say that the kind of inconsistencies we see with in certain plugins' user interfaces often walk hand in hand with poor coding standards. Not only that, but poor coding standards can lead to a raft of even greater issues such as resource intensive processes, incompatibilities, and security vulnerabilities.

Introducing WP Recycle: A Recycling Program for Abandoned WordPress Plugins
WordPress News at
by Sarah Gooding
October 25, 2012

There's now some hope for old abandoned WordPress plugins. Check out this awesome new program for plugin adoption.

The Velveteen Rabbit once had a shiny coat, bright button eyes, and a boy that loved it very, very much. But after years of wear and tear, it grew shabby and didn't look so good anymore. It wished that someday it would be a real live rabbit, bright and shiny once again. Maybe you once had a "Velveteen Rabbit" WordPress plugin: a plugin that filled a purpose that nothing else could, a bright and shiny plugin that you loved intensely for a while, only to watch it fall into disrepair and grow shabby and un-maintained. Perhaps you want to see this plugin get a new start and become a "real live plugin," one that is regularly maintained and updated. Now you have the chance.


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