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Let Snowden and the Intelligence Director Share the Same Prison Cell says Rand Paul
by Ezra Van Auken
January 6, 2014

While the political field's libertarian faction in Washington and abroad remains one of the most ideologically consistent, which doesn't say much considering the field is largely embodied with snakes and demagogues, it seems lately that libertarianism and the groups involved politically with libertarianism are doing just what the rest of politics has been doing: selling out ideological principle for the gain of political capital. Libertarianism is facing new hurdles in government, specifically the National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance leaks, as well as Edward Snowden's legal conditions. Although unwarranted NSA spying and mass data collection is, for the most part, ironed out by libertarians as something they oppose, Edward Snowden's legal conditions are apparently not. Senator Rand Paul has awkwardly made it clear that Snowden deserves time in a cell, alongside National Intelligence (NI) director James Clapper.

NSA has complete control of your iPhone, can activate your microphone and camera without you knowing
December 30, 2013

Leaked documents now show what we all suspected: the NSA can turn your iPhone's microphone and camera on and off without you knowing.

"The NSA's ANT division develops implants for mobile phones and SIM cards. One of these is a spyware implant called "DROPOUTJEEP" - designed for the first generation of iPhones - which was still in development in 2008, shortly after the iPhone's launch. This spyware was to make it possible to remotely download or upload files to a mobile phone. It would also, according to the catalog, allow the NSA to divert text messages, browse the user's address book, intercept voicemails, activate the phone's microphone and camera at will, determine the current cell site and the user's current location, "etc." ANT's technicians also develop modified mobile phones, for use in special cases that look like normal, standard devices, but transmit various pieces of information to the NSA - that can be swapped undetected with a target's own mobile phone or passed to informants and agents. In 2008, ANT had models from Eastcom and Samsung on offer, and it has likely developed additional models since."

How to Hack
by Joshua Cook
November 23, 2013

How to hack Just ask cyber security professional and "white hat hacker" David Kennedy.

Low enrollment might be a blessing in disguise for the Obama administration after it was announced that the Affordable Care Act's website,, has flawed security and puts users at high risk for having their data stolen by hackers. According to ABC News, Internet security professionals met with Congress Nov. 19 to expose their security findings and warned that, in its current state, should be taken off line until it's free of security flaws.

Breaking: National Think Tank Launches Attack On NSA: The Secret To Killing It? Water
by Michael Lotfi
November 11, 2013

In a bold move, one think tank is going above the rhetoric and mobilizing a nation to fight back against the NSA.

The power of many is derived from the power of one, and Michael Boldin, Executive Director of the Tenth Amendment Center, is one titan the government has pushed too far. The plan? It's crazy, and risky. So was the iPhone. Attack the Achilles heel of the NSA. Water.

Using Child Porn To Take Down The Liberty Movement?
by Ben Swann
August 25, 2013

Dan Johnson of the group P.A.N.D.A (People Against the NDAA) talks with Ben Swann about the child pornography sent to him via a Tormail account.

The email, which claimed to have come from Stewart Rhodes (founder and national director of Oathkeepers), actually contained 6 PDFs with graphic child pornography. "Our IT tech estimates it took about 8 to 9 hours to put this [email] together...something this technologically sophisticated. It was speci´Čücally designed, number one, to be found; and number two, to implicate Stewart Rhodes in sending me the email and to implicate me in having the email on my computer," says Johnson, who spoke to Swann via Skype.

Google Update Turns Phone Into Possible Tool For Others To Spy On You
by Michael Lotfi
August 7, 2013

According to, last week Google implemented a new update to its Chrome browser. The update has a new feature called WebRTC (real time communication).

This new standardized feature allows for websites and applications to use your system's camera and microphone. If you think your privacy is safe with Google- think again. According to Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who is co-chairman of the Congressional Privacy Caucus, "The new Google privacy policy is: You have no privacy." Combine this with Google recently handing over more than 11,000 individuals' personal information to the government, and you can probably see how this new standard feature could become a go to tool for those seeking to see and hear you without you knowing.

Eric Holder Demands Government Supervision Of Apple's iTunes & App Stores
by Kristin Tate
August 5, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder has asked a federal judge to give his Department of Justice (DOJ) supervision of the Apple App Store and iTunes.

The DOJ's demand is a disgusting attempted government power-grab into private business. Holder's request follows a decision by Denise Cote, a New York Federal District Judge. Cote ruled that Apple violates the US Anti-Trust Laws, which are designed to prevent monopolies and fixed prices. Apple plans to fight the federal ruling tooth and nail, and will almost certainly appeal.

Journalist Fired for Negative Obama Editorial
by Michael Lotfi
August 5, 2013

President Obama visited Tennessee last week where he was greeted by a mass of protesters. In fact, the entire state seemed to react.

Vulnerable republican legislators who are under fire for their more moderate, liberal positions distanced themselves from the President, and then came a surprise from the Chattanooga Times Free Press, which is a local newspaper. An article headlined "Take Your Jobs Plan and Shove it, Mr. President" ran front and center. The article was written by editorial manager, Drew Johnson. Being a medium sized newspaper it is not often that their articles make headlines across the country. However, Johnson changed that. Media from around the country picked up Johnson's editorial and it became the most read article ever published by the paper.

Is the Stuxnet Leaker A Snowden or a Spy?
July 12, 2013

CBS News is reporting that a retired U.S. Marine, Gen. James Cartwright, is being investigated for leaking information regarding the 2010 cyberattack on Iran's nuclear facilities involving the Stuxnet computer virus.

Wired describes Stuxnet as the "world's first real cyberweapon." But as the Obama administrations continues its war on whistleblowers, it's time to call into question why informing citizens of what their government is doing is considered a crime. The Stuxnet virus was created and deployed, most believe by the U.S. and Israel, with the intention of disrupting 1,000 Iranian nuclear centrifuges.

PC users struggle to keep all their software patched
by Ian Barker
May 1, 2014

The average private user PC in the UK has 76 different programs from 26 different vendors, which leaves users struggling to keep everything up to date.

Vulnerability management specialist Secunia has published a report on the state of security among PC users in the UK based on scans from Secunia Personal Software Inspector between January and March 2014. It finds that 58 percent of identified vulnerabilities originate from third party programs, 29 percent from Microsoft programs and 13 percent from operating systems. More worrying is that 12 percent of users are using unpatched operating systems, a figure that's likely to rise following the end of support for XP. Just over one in ten third-party programs on the average PC are unpatched compared to just over three percent of Microsoft programs.


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