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All of the Countries which the U.S. "Regime Changed" - Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya - Have Descended into Brutal Chaos
July 29, 2014

Quantifying the Effects of Regime Change

Since 2001, the U.S. has undertaken regime change in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. All 3 countries are now in chaos ... and extremists are more in control than ever.

Illinois cop shoots dog in its yard in front of 6-year-old girl
July 28, 2014

A family says that while rounding up their loose puppy, a cop arrived and shot it in the head, in its own yard, in front of a child.

"We were in the lawn and the cop already had his gun out," said the saddened owner, "and the cop just shot him, right in front of me and my 6-year-old daughter." Apollo the dog, a 1-year-old shepherd-mix, had briefly gotten out of its yard on June 25th, 2014, and was being corralled his family. Owner Nicole Echlin and her 6-year-old daughter had already gotten Apollo to come back to their yard when a representative from the Hometown Police Department arrived in front of their house. Instead of assisting the family in tying up the dog, or doing anything resembling public service, Officer Robert Norris drew his gun. The quiet residential street was rocked when the officer abruptly shot dog in the head.

Report Finds NSA Surveillance Harming Journalism and Law
July 28, 2014

Because freedom can't protect itself Government Spying Undermines Media Freedom and Right to Counsel, ACLU- Human Rights Watch Shows

Large-scale U.S. surveillance is seriously hampering U.S.-based journalists and lawyers in their work, the American Civil Liberties Union and Human Rights Watch said in a joint report released today. Surveillance is undermining media freedom and the right to counsel, and ultimately obstructing the American people's ability to hold their government to account, the groups said. The 120-page report, "With Liberty to Monitor All: How Large-Scale U.S. Surveillance is Harming Journalism, Law, and American Democracy," is based on extensive interviews with dozens of journalists, lawyers, and senior U.S. government officials. It documents how national security journalists and lawyers are adopting elaborate steps or otherwise modifying their practices to keep communications, sources, and other confidential information secure in light of revelations of unprecedented U.S. government surveillance of electronic communications and transactions. The report finds that government surveillance and secrecy are undermining press freedom, the public's right to information, and the right to counsel, all human rights essential to a healthy democracy.

MMA Fighter Finds Out His Fate After Taking On 4 Gang Members and Killing 1
July 28, 2014

Professional MMA fighter Joseph Torrez founded out he wouldn't be facing charges for killing an intruder who broke into his home and tried to stab him.

Criminals in America have grown bolder in recent decades, no longer fearing police, and thanks to gun control laws, no longer worrying about breaking into a home and staring down the barrel of a shotgun. Even when forcing their way into the home of a gun owner, if certain ridiculous legal stipulations aren't met, someone who kills or injures an intruder to protect their family can actually face jail time.

Spider Man vs. NYPD Cops Caught on Camera
July 28, 2014

This week, a fight between New York police and a Times Square superhero was caught on video, but who is at fault is still in question. The man who was dressed as spider-man was 25-year-old Junior Bishop, of Brooklyn.

Bishop is one of many people who make a living dressing up in costumes and taking pictures with tourists for tips in Times Square. Now he is facing multiple felony charges including assault, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, after he got in a fight with police while working in his spider-man suit. Bishop can be seen scuffling with police in the video that was taken during the flight, but there are varying accounts of what actually led up to the incident. Police say that the man became belligerent with them when asked for his ID, while other costume workers claim that they are regularly harassed by police while working in Times Square.

Public Records Request Fail: Florida LEOs think the "Sunshine" Law is Optional | The Free Thought Project
July 28, 2014

Civil rights activist and independent journalist, Joel Chandler is founder of Florida Open Government Watch. The group conducts regular litmus tests of public records requests to see if police departments are abiding by the law.

Because of the government's inability to keep itself accountable, the duty of public records requests accountability has literally been passed on to the citizen and their ability to seek litigation. In 2009 the Florida Governor's Commission On Open Government Reform delivered a 194 report. In it the blue-ribbon commission opined "...the burden of enforcing violations of Florida's open meetings and public records laws generally falls to citizens who have few alternatives other than seeking an injunction or filing suit in civil court to compel compliance." Luckily there are folks out there like that are active in compelling compliance.

Informed Tourist Gets Involved to Set SDPD Straight about Filming. Yes She Did! | The Free Thought Project
July 28, 2014

James "JC" Playford, with American News and Information Services, was reporting on an incident in downtown San Diego when an SDPD officer approached him.

The officer tells Playford to back up and only get long shots. Laughably the officer asserts that Playford cannot be this close to the scene, but ignores the dozens of passers-by walking right through it! During the argument between Playford and the SDPD officer, an informed citizen, Wendy from Seattle, chimes in, "He has a right to film you." "We know the laws in Seattle, we had this happen several times, and of course, you are in the right," she says says to Playford. When Playford asks Wendy if she thinks this cop is ignorant for not allowing him to film Wendy replies, "I don't know if it's ignorance, but it's wanting to control a situation that he cannot."

State Supreme Court: Wisconsin Drivers can Ignore a Cop Knocking on their Car Window & Drive Away | The Free Thought Project
July 27, 2014

When Wisconsin police officers knock on the window of a car and motion to roll down the window, the state Supreme Court said in a 5 to 2 ruling that the motorist is free to ignore the cop and drive away.

"Although we acknowledge that this is a close case, we conclude that a law enforcement officer's knock on a car window does not by itself constitute a show of authority sufficient to give rise to the belief in a reasonable person that the person is not free to leave," Justice David T. Prosser wrote for the majority. The justices argued in the context of the December 25, 2011 incident in which Grant County Deputy Sheriff Matthew Small knocked on the window of Daniel A. Vogt who was parked with the engine running in the Riverdale Park parking lot the village of Cassville at 2am. It was 37 degrees at the time. Vogt had done nothing illegal, but Deputy Small thought it was suspicious that Vogt was in the parking lot of a park that had closed at 11pm.

WTF!? Police Kidnap and Imprison a Woman to Ensure She Testifies Against Her Kidnapper
July 26, 2014

Police in Scranton Pennsylvania are currently holding a kidnap victim against her will, to ensure that she will appear in court to testify against the man who kidnapped and assaulted her.

Faith Bronson is a 34 year old woman who was recently attacked by her mentally unstable boyfriend Ross Bonaddio. Bonaddio had assaulted and kidnapped her, and was holding her against her will. Bonaddio was allegedly under a delusion that aliens were inside of Faith, and he planned to extract them. According to a police report, he screwed the doors of his home shut, so she could not leave. After three days, she escaped to a neighbor's house where the police were called. When the police arrived, Bronson had already returned to her boyfriends house, where they found her covered in bruises. Since detectives had been unable to contact Bronson, and she had expressed in recorded phone conversations that she did not want to testify, they felt that it would be necessary to incarcerate her. Now she is being held captive by the police because they are concerned that she may not testify against Bonaddio.

Man Goes to Jail for Public Intoxication, Comes Out Looking Like He Went Through a Meat Grinder | The Free Thought Project
July 26, 2014

Jason Bishop, 38, is claiming that he was a victim of police brutality after spending a night in the Denton City Jail for public intoxication.

Bishop is a street vendor that was hanging out as his normal spot when officer Clint Webb approached. "When the officer approached me, I told him I had a couple of sips of vodka, but I was drinking raspberry Sprite from a Pita Pit cup at the time," Bishop said. "He asked if anything was in the cup and I told him just soda. He did find a water bottle on top of my pack with vodka inside."


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