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President's Order Leaves No Faith in Business
July 17, 2014

With the world in deep turmoil, and a struggling economy, Americans are looking for leadership to confront these many challenges. What kind of leadership do we see coming from the White House?

Last month's "gay pride month" consumed much of the Obama administration's attention and this month isn't any different. This morning President Obama gathered a group of LGBT activists at the White House to sign an executive order mandating that all federal contractors and subcontractors -- regardless of their religious and moral convictions -- give special treatment to homosexuals, transgenders, and cross-dressers in the workplace. This action is wrong on the merits, because it accepts the premise that distinctions based on actual conduct -- such as homosexual behavior and cross-dressing -- should be treated the same way as distinctions based on immutable and innocuous characteristics like race. This order gives activists a license to challenge their employers and, expose those contracted employers to threats of costly legal proceedings and the potential of jeopardizing future contracts. The order further burdens contractors by stripping away their right to set dress and grooming standards. All this amounts to viewpoint blackmail and bullies into silence those contractors and subcontractors who have moral objections to homosexual behavior. This morning President Obama told the assembled group of activists, "We're on the right side of history." Mr. President, being on the wrong side of the natural law is never being on the right side of history.

Dangerous Malware steals credit card information from Android devices | Hack Read
July 17, 2014

New Android Malware in Android devices steals credit card information by taking over admin panel. The security of Android devices is in danger.

Security experts at Dr. Web have warned Android users to be careful from a new Trojan that is stealing credit card details while making a transaction on Google Play store. It is currently targeting Russian users but a little bit of modification can let the criminals target people around the world. The Trojan comes in the shape of a fake Adobe Flash Player, once installed and run, it asks for administrator privileges on the Android device after every 0.1 seconds. It does it by continuously irritating user to grant it the admin privileges through a non-stop popup message. It will keep on asking until the user finally lets the Trojan take over the admin panel.

'This Is What Happens When You Call the Cops' Rap: Catchy, True, Sad
July 17, 2014

Earlier this week, a little-known rapper who goes by the monicker "Rob Hustle" released a song that's quickly racking up views on Youtube.

Titled 'Call the Cops,' it's a catchy tune, but a depressing catalogue of some of the most prominent recent abuses committed by law enforcement in recent years. Hustle warns that when you call the cops, you often put your own life at risk. It's a problem that Reason readers are certainly familiar with. His music video shows countless clips of officers punching, pepper spraying, and otherwise brutalizing people.

Marijuana Smell Doesn't Justify Car Searches, Says MA Court
July 17, 2014

Courts have "repeatedly held that the odor of marijuana alone can provide probable cause to believe that marijuana is present."

Following up on such precedent, a Maryland prosecutor writes for Police Chief magazine that "no law enforcement agency should forget the importance and accuracy of the human sense of smell." And just last month, Ybor City, Florida, cops followed up on their important and accurate honkers to dismantle a man's truck. They found nothing. Now, at least, Massachusetts residents May gain a bit of a respite from searches by police wielding the Fourth Amendment-piercing power of their sense of smell.

Cop Caught Stealing Dying Man's $3,700 and Golden Crucifix on Dash Cam
July 17, 2014

A Connecticut state trooper is due in court this fall for sentencing, after he was found guilty of stealing from a motorcyclist who was dying on the side of the road.

Dash cam footage from the officer's patrol car showed him stealing cash from the dying man, as well as a golden crucifix. On Wednesday afternoon, Aaron "AJ" Huntsman, a 19-year veteran of the state police, pleaded guilty to two felony charges of third-degree larceny and tampering with evidence. Although your average person would face up to ten years under these same charges, officer Huntsman is looking at a maximum of a year and a half, plus five years probation. He even has the ability to plead for a lesser sentence, just because he is a cop.

Elderly Man Treated Like a Terrorist for Jay Walking Across Desolate Road
July 17, 2014

In a video published to YouTube on July 16, two Vancouver Police are seen detaining an elderly man for jay walking after allegedly attacking him for refusing to give the officers his name.

A good semaritan who knows his rights stopped to film and question these thugs, after jay walking himself across the empty street. Luckily, these officers only selectively enforce this petty law, and they already had someone to meaninglessly harass. "You attacked me!" the man declares. "That's your opinion, but thats not what happened." responds the female officer while glancing back at the camera.

Citizen Confronts Cop After Filming Him Driving Recklessly to Work. Cop Left Speechless. | The Free Thought Project
July 17, 2014

A vigilant citizen with a camera has done a perfect job of filming the hypocritical standard of which cops frequently adhere.

The man saw an officer driving recklessly down Route 101 near Los Angeles, so he began filming the incident and followed the officer all the way to work. It appeared that there was no emergency after all and the cop was flying down the road, at high speeds, and failing to use turn signals, to simply get to work; something that we, the citizen, would be fined or even shot for. When the vigilant citizen confronts the officer about his reckless driving he is left speechless.

Man Poses as Security Screener for TSA So That He Could Grope People Like They Do
July 17, 2014

It says something about how accustomed Americans have become to being groped at airports when they don't even notice the person doing it is a drunk imposter, not a real TSA screener. This is exactly what happened at San Francisco International Airport.

The report notes that a 53-year-old man walked into the airport wearing khakis, a blue polo shirt, and blue rubber gloves, and for an hour proceeded to impersonate a TSA official without being noticed. In that time the man managed to lure at least two women, who have not been identified, into a private screening area. It is said that he then groped the women, claiming he was conducting enhanced pat downs on them.

This Journalist Made All of these Cops Look Ridiculous by Schooling them on His Rights
July 17, 2014

"If you can't tell me what law I've broken, you can't detain me."

JC Playford is a reporter for News Now San Diego. He was covering a story about a missing wife of a Marine. Playford was at 29 Palms military base in Morongo Valley, CA., filming the entrance to the base to get some footage. After filming for a few minutes a cop pulls up and wrongfully detains him.

Judge Busted for DWI Says "You are Going to Ruin my Life", Pleads for Special Treatment | The Free Thought Project
July 17, 2014

Recently, a Texas appeals court judge named Nora Longoria was caught going just over the speed limit while traveling drunk in her Lexus late one evening.

When she was pulled over by police she immediately flashed her badge and told them that she was a judge. She had plainly admitted to drinking at least 5 beers before getting behind the wheel, expecting that her badge would grant her extra rights, specifically the right to drive drunk. It is also important to point out that if she said she had 5, then she probably actually had 12. For some reason, the police actually didn't give the judge the type of leniency that is seen in most cases like this. When the 49 year old judge realized that she was going to be taken to jail, she began to cry and plead with the police for special treatment.


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