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'Innate need for privacy': Rick Falkvinge talks freedom and surveillance
September 29, 2013

The difference between privacy and anonymity, Internet freedom and NSA surveillance, and the future of the web - at RT's Google Hangout, Rick Falkvinge answers the most pressing questions that concern all Internet users in their everyday lives.

When you’re using mail use PGP or GPG, that does not protect the wiretapping who you’re communicating with, so it does not protect you at the source of the press but it does protect the content. It is essentially an envelope. When you’re talking on the phone, it is easy to determine today if your phone has been wiretapped. Did you make a phone call? If the answer is yes then your phone was wiretapped. It is easy to determine if you’re being tracked on the streets in the same way. If you’re carrying this device [smartphone] than you’re being tracked. But there are some ways we can mitigate this. If you’re running Android, than I would suggest moving to text secure, which is an encrypted SMS solution for all your text messaging and red phone which is end to end encrypted phone calls, when you’re making a phone call that needs to be secret. Red phone has end to end encryption, meaning that the phone is encrypted and another phone is decrypted in your phone, so no one can listen in even if they wiretap it midway, they will only see an encrypted conversation. This is in contrast with GSM crypto where it is encrypted to the cell phone tower but then it moves in clear text on telecom wires, so anybody in the telecom network can wiretap your phone call.

'It's safer than chess': the high school shooting clubs standing their ground after Parkland
by Andrew Helms
March 9, 2018

Its supporters say competitive shooting helps develop students' discipline and sportsmanship. But the sport is under increased scrutiny in the gun debate era

Sobel, Menjik and the rest of the Central Square team had driven over 200 miles through the howling winds of a nor'easter to participate in the New York Public High School Athletic Association Air Rifle Championship. Held on the campus of the US Military Academy at West Point this past Saturday, 71 shooters from across the state had gathered in a quest to be crowned New York's best. Outside, whitecaps churned across the Hudson River and snow drifts swirled in small cyclones, but inside West Point's air-rifle range the vibe was warm and familial. Parents opened coolers filled with sandwiches and soft drinks, coaches met to discuss safety and strategy, and students conquered their jitters with cell phone games. If not for the quiet, repetitive pop of the rifles, it could have been any other youth sporting event.

'Junk' DNA Found To Have Important Purpose
Personal Liberty Alerts
by Upi - United Press International, Inc.
September 6, 2012

So-called "junk DNA," genetic material in our cells long considered without purpose, plays a vital role in regulating our genes, international researchers say.

A study of the 98 percent of the human genome that is not, strictly speaking, genes suggests more than three-quarters of entire allotment of DNA is active at some point in our lives, The Washington Post reported Wednesday. "This concept of 'junk DNA' is really not accurate," said Richard Myers, one of the leaders of the 400-scientist Encyclopedia of DNA Elements Project, nicknamed Encode. "It is an outdated metaphor to explain our genome."

'Just Having Fun' ... Luring Another Cop into a 90 mph Chase |
by Tim Lynch
July 10, 2012

Officer Christina Fowler was working the night shift March 5 when she spotted a speeding car heading south on U.S. Highway 27 around 11:20, according to an investigative report.

She tried to pull the car over, but the driver only tapped the brakes before taking off. Fowler followed. The video from her patrol-car camera captured the scene as the car raced away. "Man, he's doing over 80," she said. And then, moments later, "Wow, he's doing over 90." Inside the fleeing car were three fellow officers from the Clermont police force on their way back from a trip to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, according to the report obtained Monday.

'Justice for Trayvon': 15 Whites Beaten By Gangs of Black Thugs... So Far
PJ Media
by Janine Turner
May 2, 2012

And the case hasn't even made it to trial yet.

The assaults on a pair of Virginian-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, VA, two weeks ago at the hands of 30 black youths, reported for the first time Tuesday, are the latest in a series of attacks driven by a warped sense of racial vigilantism hiding behind calls of "Justice for Trayvon." At least 15 mostly isolated whites have been beaten not just with fists, but with potentially deadly weapons including hammers and lengths of chain. Many of the victims have been hospitalized, some may never fully recover, and one lingers on the verge of death.

'Keeping Them Honest': CNN's Tom Foreman Uses False 'Fact-Checking' to Slam Republican Candidates
Big Journalism
by Joel B. Pollak
November 23, 2011

After last night's Republican debate over national security and foreign policy, CNN called upon Tom Foreman to check some of the facts asserted by the candidates, in a segment entitled "Keeping Them Honest."

It soon became clear that Foreman and CNN were not interested in checking the candidates' facts-which were correct in each case-but in checking their opinions, while misleading viewers about the candidates' honesty.

'Kids Working at Ice Cream Stands Earning More Than Their Fathers' in Scranton, Union Complains
CNS News
by Michael Rubinkam
July 11, 2012

A fiscal and political crisis in the nearly-broke northeastern Pennsylvania city of Scranton deepened Tuesday as public employee unions sought to have the mayor held in contempt of court after he defied a judge and slashed workers' pay to minimum wage.

Unions representing firefighters, police and public-works employees also filed a pair of federal lawsuits against Mayor Chris Doherty and the city that alleged violations of labor law and due-process rights. Doherty last week ignored a court order and cut the pay of about 400 city workers to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. The Democratic mayor said it was all the cash-strapped city of more than 76,000 could afford, promising to restore full pay once finances are stabilized.

'Little or no warning': Obama draws up worldwide cyber-attack target list
June 8, 2013

President Barack Obama ordered national security leaders to compile a list of potential overseas "adversaries" for US cyber-attacks which could be targeted with "little or no warning", a top secret document reveals.

The 18-page, classified document, entitled Presidential Policy Directive 20, outlines plans for Offensive Cyber Effects Operations (OCEO), cyber-attacks which would target US adversaries around the world. "OCEO can offer unique and unconventional capabilities to advance US national objectives around the world with little or no warning to the adversary or target and with potential effects ranging from subtle to severely damaging," the Washington Post cites the document as saying. "The United States government shall identify potential targets of national importance where OCEO can offer favorable balance of effectiveness and risk as compared with other instruments of national power," it continues. The directive also mulls the potential use of cyber actions within the US, though any such operations must be conducted with prior authorization of the White House, unless "it qualifies as an Emergency Cyber Action."

'Lost' emails, lost confidence
by Rep. Pete Olson
June 29, 2014

What's also troubling is the lack of outrage from the media on behalf of the Americans who were bullied by the IRS.

The First Amendment to the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, "prohibits the making of any law... abridging the freedom of speech." Every American is protected by this inalienable right that ensures that the government cannot attack its citizens for their beliefs. Yet, one of the most powerful federal agencies, the Internal Revenue Service, did exactly that when they targeted conservative non-profit organizations seeking tax-exempt status. Officials at the IRS have admitted to these actions and Congress has been investigating. Yet, the IRS has refused to provide critical information about the extent of the targeting and who was involved. After promising for a year to deliver emails related to how certain conservative groups were targeted and who was involved in the decision making process, the IRS informed Congress last Friday that they cannot locate many of the emails in question prior to 2011 as the result of a computer crash during that year. Lois Lerner, former head of the IRS division that processes applications to determine tax-exempt status, is currently under investigation by three congressional committees, the Justice Department and the IRS inspector general. Her emails are the ones the IRS claims have both been erased and the data is unrecoverable due to the hard drive in question being recycled.

'Massive' smuggling ring dismantled in Arizona
CNS News
by Amanda Lee Myers
October 31, 2011

Arizona authorities say they've dismantled a "massive" drug trafficking ring responsible for smuggling more than $33 million worth of drugs through the state's western desert every month.

Authorities said Monday that the ring is believed to be tied to the Sinaloa cartel - Mexico's most powerful - and that it has been in operation for at least the last five years.


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