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Stores Using Facial Recognition To Identify Shoppers
by Peterthornenews
August 1, 2013

The State Is Too Dangerous to Tolerate
by Robert Higgs
July 29, 2013

Archived from the live broadcast, this lecture was presented by Bob Higgs at the 2013 Mises University, hosted by the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 27 July 2013. Includes a Question and Answer period.

Police Station Droned in California
by Markdice
July 29, 2013

This Is Exactly What NSA Contractors Can Do To ANY Of Your Children!
by Mbcnews
July 24, 2013

This Is Exactly What NSA Contractors Can Do To ANY Of Your Children!

Coast Guard demands to board sailboat to inspect life vests; sailor leads them on 3-hr chase
by Mbcnews
July 23, 2013

Armed federal agents demanded that a sail boat let them board in order for them to inspect the life jackets on board. The sailboat captain told them that they were not welcome on his vessel and led them on a slow-speed chase for 3 hours.

The 43-foot boat was moored near Sausalito on Sunday afternoon when Coast Guard officers approached the boat and asked to come aboard to inspect life jackets and safety equipment on board, according to the Coast Guard. John McCormick, captain of the boat, told the officers he didn't want them to board and cut his moorings, taking off into San Francisco Bay past the Golden Gate Bridge. Finally a Coast Guard Gunship convinced him to comply or die. The sailor has been charged with assault and may receive further charges.

Woman having severe diabetic attack is ripped from her car by police, handcuffed face-down on street
July 23, 2013

Shocking dash camera footage shows a diabetic woman being dragged out of her car by Santa Fe County sheriff deputies, all while she was having a diabetic episode.

Revena Garcia's blood sugar dropped so low that she became extremely disoriented and could not open her car door. Deputies assumed she was a drunk driver and broke through her window, ripped her limp body from the vehicle, handcuffed her facedown on the hot pavement, where they left her, motionless. "I was just lost, I was just lost," Garcia said. She said her blood sugar was so low that she could have gone into a coma. Garcia showed no resistance and there was no reason to be so rough with her, to throw her to the ground, and to leave her there.

Cop Sued for Arresting a Firefighter For Doing His Job
by Officialcomedy
July 22, 2013

New Jersey police beat man for unzipped jacket
by Beaturselfup
July 22, 2013

Man refuses to produce his papers at a Police License Checkpoint; Then threaten a warrant at home
by Jim Hoft
July 20, 2013

A man stood up to a "License Checkpoint" conducted by police in his town. He refused to produce his papers when stopped at a roadblock on public streets.

"I told him I wasn't going to give him my ID, that it was unconstitutional," said Joe Draego, who was stopped at the checkpoint on Old Brooke Road on Thursday on his way home. "I asked him if I was being charged with a crime, he said 'no' so I said, I'm free to go."

Cop demands oral sex
by Superspeedersrob
July 16, 2013

According to the 3rd Quarter Report of The National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, police officers were accused of sexual assault at a rate of 79 per 100,000 law enforcement personal.

The rate of accusations for the general public is 28.7 per 100,000 general public. When corrected for gender these numbers tell us that there are 1.5 times more accusations of sexual assault among male law enforcement officers than among the general male population. The fact that rapists seem to be concentrated among a group of armed individuals who have the purported authority to detain and arrest other individuals should be more than a little alarming for even the most prolific police bootlicker.


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