Viruses – What are they?

Viruses – What are they?

Today’s Internet is fraught with peril and users who are technically challenged are at a distinct disadvantage. The Virus Guide was written in an attempt to help even the playing field for the casual user. This site is designed to enable you to read through the Virus Guide a little at a time or all in one sitting or to quickly place the information you seek at your fingertips.

First a little background.

Years ago when “SirCam” and “Code Red” hit the web there was a great deal of confusion by most Internet users. Recently unleashed virus’ (think UPS) aren’t any less problematic. This site is intended to provide you with the “basics” on viruses, malware, spyware and PC security in general.

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Without a complete understanding of the methodology of viruses you are at significant risk when you may “believe” you are safe (usually from having been misinformed about either viruses or computers in general). SaferPC will dispel those misunderstandings and provide you with a solid understanding of both how viruses work, and what tools and knowledge are absolutely necessary to protect yourself from infection.

Before I start, I’ll take a moment to say that viruses, trojans and worms are all “technically” different. However, for the purposes of SaferPC (and as far as most of the world cares) I will be using only the terms “virus” or “viruses”. This is intended as a general term, however improper and grating it may be to security zealots like myself. This site provides notes indicating the differences when one applies.

Begin by learning, what is a virus?

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