What Should I Do When I Think I’m Infected?

To quote my son: “Stop. Breathe. And Think.” 


If you *think* you’re infected with a virus DO NOT use your computer to ask someone for advice. Do NOT *email* someone and ask if you’re infected! If it were an email virus like KAK then you would be spreading it by doing so.

Walk away from the computer and telephone someone you know that might have an understanding or an internet connection and a bit of a clue to check for you. Have them go to www.SARC.com and do a search for the types of behavior that lead you to believe you had a virus. Sometimes you’ll receive very specific messages that may even include the virus name, or at least some identifying characteristic about the virus so you can identify it later on.

If you receive an error message – get out a piece of PAPER and write it down. If there is extended information about the error write all of that down too. The most important parts are the application name, the module that raised the error, the address of the error and the EIP. Usually a techno-savvy person can figure out what the problem is, or at least be able to find more info online, with this information.

Many of the current viruses today can be completely detected and removed using the FREE Stinger ‘Virus Removal Tool’. It has the abilities to eliminate the 50 most vicious and popular viruses today, including the Sasser worm, Sobig, Nimda, MyDoom, SirCam, BugBear, Bagle, SDBot and others. It’s also small enough to fit onto a floppy disk so you could easily download it from ANOTHER COMPUTER and bring it to the infected computer for ease of removal. This is great for those situations when the infected computer can’t get online or has limited uptime (for example, if the Sasser worm keeps rebooting your infected computer if you try to get online).

Those living in the Tuolumne County area of California can call (209) 565-12PD for assistance with virus removal and detection issues. Just ask for Shawn, he even makes house calls. (You may call 24-hours a day, if no one answers leave a message and your call will be returned per your instructions or as soon as possible.)

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